Thank you for visiting! This is a heart filled sharing of old school tracks from 2008-2011. Until 2013 I produced over 100 songs. More as a personal journal not to get rich and famous (my music is not that great). Since then I haven’t produced much but played here and there. This is now changing…

New music coming soon in 2019. Would love to hear from you. (See below )

Recipe music= Listen. Really listen. Feel. Breathe. Enjoy. Become..

Genre Samples

(New Wave) Nasheed / Islamic Fusion


Gratitude is the fortune of the soul, its not for sale. You can build the greatest castles in your life with those that care. There are those that find you and light you up in the dark. There are those that loved you and kept it real from the start. Are we no longer in tune with the self when we don’t endear?

Chorus: Thank you very much for the time we share, for all that has been shared, never loved as much as I dared.

Something wrong with the picture, when its painted with your greed. All along it was Mr. wall street down on his knees. But there are those that heal you and keep you close to their hearts. There are those that feel you and kept it real from the start.

You’re such a vacillator.

You haven’t found it, I would avoid it. Its like the circles inside the squares. You should have stopped it, you could have dropped it. Instead you tried controlling me again.

Chorus: Race her to the station. Pace her to the patience.

This isn’t the first time to down shout. This isn’t the first time find out that there’s more pain and I’m to blame.

Chorus: Soon enough you’ll see that I care more than you think.

This isn’t the first time to down shout. This isn’t the first time to find out that I’m mortal and I may not see you.

This isn’t the first time to have some doubt. This isn’t the first time to leave you out of my life.


Electronic / Experimental

( i ) = instrumental

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