Ep:12 American Mysticism I & II

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Embark on a rich interfaith discussion with Chris Garner, an old time friend, intellectual companion and interfaith lecturer. Chris and I share stories and challenge ideas about religion and attaining mature spirituality. What is the future of the faithful in America, especially Muslims? Why he thinks the core issues of humanity is greed and violence and what role does God consciousness play in our future society.

First 15 min:
What is wisdom?
Pitfalls of youth on the path.
Being a true servant of God.

Unseen realms.
Grace and insignificance.
Making meaning of human questions.
Reaching our full potential.
Cycles of violence and greed in society.
Muslims and white nationalists.

What is the true religion?
The Golden rule.
Can we remove evil?
Perspectives on the story of Adam.
Terrorism in America.

Part II of Ep 12 American Mysticism .

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Part II Summary-Outline

First 15min
Terrorism in America.
Are we God's favorite creature?
The bloody elephant in the room.
Cultures of competition and greed.

Universal moral truths.
Idolatry of the faithful.
Knowledge and mystery of the Divine.

30min to end.
Challenges of American Muslims post 9-11
God knows the hearts.
Faith is not a finish line.