Ep: 17 Islam, Evolution and Science

Daniel Haqiqatjou (The Muslim Skeptic) joins for a discussion on Islam, science and evolution. Learn about natural selection, abiogenesis, and some hard problems in the discipline based on scientists. We discuss the creation of Adam and different positions in light of evolutionary biology. We close with the clash of civilizations idea and the importance of having the certainty of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq.


Dr. James Tour

Summary/Outline- (Intro to 45 min)

Defining Evolutionary Biology.
Natural Selection.
Fine Tuning.
Fossil records.
Unanswered questions.

(45min to 90min)

Did God create evolution as a mechanism? 
Crisis in the discipline.
Creation of Adam and evolution.
Clash of civilizations?

(90min to End)

Science in the Islamic civilization.
The certainty of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq.